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O fortuna, velut luna...

O fortune, like the moon...

Enigma icons
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Good evening; This is the voice of Enigma.

Welcome to the Enigma icons community! This community is for those who want/make icons with Enigma lyrics or something related to Enigma on them. This community accepts any icons that are anime, landscape, animals, and what not as long as they pertain to Enigma or its songs' lyrics.


There are just a few simple rules to abide by. Please follow them, or risk getting molested groped reprimanded dealt with by the mods.

1. This is an icon community, so therefore, posts should pertain to icons of or about Enigma. You can ask or post Engima-oriented things here, though, and we'll be more than happy to accept them. We like friendly communities! =D

2. Please, no anti-Enigma icons. We're all about teh pro. ;-;

3. Treat the members with respect, and do not insult their icons. They work hard to make them and if you don't like them, you can keep that to yourself and not comment. If someone mentions in their post that they would like criticism, however, feel free to offer it as long as you're polite about it.

4. This is kind of a pointless rule, but here it goes. Keep the icons to a PG-13 rating, image [not lyric] wise. Enigma does often incorporate sensual lyrics into their songs, but that doesn't scream "Make an icon of a naked chick with..Uhm, Enigma lyrics on it! Yeah!". If the icon does indeed feature a naked person/character, make sure it's tasteful. If it's a girl licking a prostate, then no. Think of..Uhh, museum art. Yeah.

5. Don't just join for requests and never contribute or compliment the workers and community. That's selfish. =[

6. Credit is a must! If you don't know how to credit the creator of the icon you're using, simply put the username of the maker in the keywords of your userpic.

That's about it! We hope you have fun here and enjoy the spectacle that is Enigma. :3

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